Join the community-wide effort to increase FAFSA and WASFA completion.

FAFSA and WASFA Open Doors to Your Future

Completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) is a key step to unlocking financial resources for post-high school education.

Did you know…

The FAFSA and WASFA unlock financial aid for many forms of post-high school education, including 2-year and 4-year degrees, apprenticeships, and technical training.

Filling out a FAFSA or WASFA is completely free, and completing one does not mean you have to commit to enrolling in postsecondary education.

The FAFSA and WASFA allow students to access thousands of dollars in grants and scholarships from federal and state programs, universities and trade schools, and many private scholarship organizations. The FAFSA is also required for students seeking federal work-study funding and federal student loans.

Financial Aid Calendar of Events

Our community is here to support you. Here is how you can find help.

The 2024-25 FAFSA and WASFA applications have been redesigned to be shorter and simpler to complete this year, and both applications are now open. There is also more state and federal money designated for FAFSA and WASFA applicants this year than ever before.

If you are looking for support filling out your FAFSA or WASFA, explore the calendar below to get connected to financial aid assistance events offered by our community partners across Eastern Washington. You can also reach out to your high school guidance counselor or financial aid office for support with these applications.

Online Resources

If you are unable to attend an event or speak with a counselor or financial aid expert, there are still resources to help you through your FAFSA or WASFA application. Explore a step-by-step guide on how to complete the 2024-25 FAFSA and more via the buttons below.

Recursos Para Ayuda Financiera Estudiantil

Nuestros socios de Nuestras Raíces ofrecen soporte para FAFSA y WASFA tanto en español como en inglés a través de citas en su oficina de Spokane. ¡Póngase en contacto con ellos a través del botón o llame al 509-557-0566 para obtener más información!

Financial Aid Resources for Students

Our partners at Nuestras Raíces are currently offering FAFSA and WASFA support in both Spanish and English via appointment at their Spokane office. Get in touch with them via the button below or call 509-557-0566 to learn more!

A Message to Our Community

It’s clear that post-high school education and/or training – whether that’s through an apprenticeship program, two-year degree program, or four-year degree program – is a key to future economic development in our region. Forecasts suggest that nearly three-quarters of job openings over the next several years will require education or training beyond just a high school diploma.

Our state recognizes this: Washington has some of the most generous state-based financial aid programs in the country. In combination with federal aid, state programs such as the WA Grant provide a pathway to affordable college for many Washington students.

The FAFSA/WASFA is a crucial step in the pathway from high school graduation to career readiness! Without completing the FAFSA/WAFSA, students won’t know how much aid they qualify for.

When communities come together to support FAFSA completion, the results can be powerful: higher rates of students and families filling out the FAFSA, and students who receive the education and training they need for career readiness.

Our Partners

 We are proud to work alongside the following campaign Design Team and organizations in this important effort.

Click on the logos below to access the FAFSA or WASFA assistance information from our partners.

FAFSA/WASFA Campaign Design Team Members

Shannon Demant, College Success Foundation

Licett Figueroa-Garbe, Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

Christi Harter, Greater Spokane Inc.

Lori Hunt, Community Colleges of Spokane

Jana Jaraysi, Eastern Washington University

Dean Kahler, University of Idaho

Scott Kerwien, Spokane Public Schools

Mark Mattke, Spokane Workforce Council

Traci McGlathery, STCU

Greg Orwig, Whitworth University

Debbie Reeder, West Valley High School

Rob Roettger, New ESD 101

Gene Sementi, RLR Consulting

Traci Stensland, Whitworth University

Kandi Teeters, Eastern Washington University

Sarah Updike, Gonzaga University