LaunchNW: A Mission for Our Rural Communities


LaunchNW is a community mission. While the initiative was first implemented in Spokane County, rural communities in the 10 Eastern Washington counties served by Innovia Foundation can now apply for grant funding to bring LaunchNW to their own region. By galvanizing local leaders and partnering with every sector of the community, LaunchNW will generate sustainable, measurable change in our region for generations to come.

To learn more about the LaunchNW rural strategy, view our  booklet below!

Gear Up for LaunchNW Webinar Series

This virtual series is designed to help communities assess their strengths and readiness to successfully implement the LaunchNW program and complete their grant application.  Participation in all three sessions is mandatory for all grant applicants.  

Session 1: Scholarships and Community Fundraising

May 7, 2024, 10:00 a.m.

In this session, scholarship fundraising will be discussed, including the role of the local community in fundraising for scholarships and the associated fundraising goal.  Representatives of Innovia Foundation and LaunchNW will be available to answer your fundraising questions and discuss matching funding support available through Innovia and LaunchNW.

Sam sitting on a outdoor bench with other students.

Session 2: Collective Understanding and Buy-In

May 22, 2024, 10:00 a.m.

In this second webinar of the series, community representatives will receive a profile of students in their community pursuing post-high school education and those who are not.  Discussion will focus on common trends and challenges, the importance of comprehensive supports, and the role of data in identifying opportunities/barriers to students pursuing the career and future they choose and measuring program results.  Next steps/homework assignments will be discussed, including:  1) using the data provided to start a further data gathering conversation with your local school superintendent; and 2) asset mapping of existing services to kids in your community.

Session 3:  Governance Committee & Program Support

June 26, 2024, 10:00 a.m.

In this third and final webinar of the series, community representatives will consider their governance committee.  Discussion will focus on critical members and successful models. The role of the project coordinator will also be discussed.  Participants will begin thinking about their budget for LaunchNW and consider various types of investment (financial, time, and in-kind resources) that is needed for this work.

Rural LaunchNW Checklist

Use the information below to assess the readiness of your community to successfully participate in the LaunchNW initiative! Each of these components will be discussed further in our upcoming Gear Up for LaunchNW webinar series which is mandatory for all grant applicants. 

Community-Driven Scholarship Raise Launched

• Each community will work with LaunchNW to set a locally driven fundraising goal relative to the average scholarship costs of their graduating student population.

*Please contact Matt Bumpus at for support in calculating your community’s scholarship fundraising goal.

Sam filling out the FAFSA on a computer.

Collective Understanding and Buy-In Developed

• My group is committed to the goal of every child receiving some form of post-high school education.

• My group has identified the profile of students pursuing post-high school education in our community. We have also identified the profile of students who are not.

• Provide three letters of support from leaders in your community.

• Provide a one-page narrative explaining why your community is ready to be a LaunchNW Community.

Governing Committee Established

• Who is the main point of contact in your community for this effort?

• Who will be on your governance committee? Critical members could include:
· school district representative(s)
· public official(s)
· economic development representative(s)
· chamber leader(s)
· private business owner(s)
· student(s)/parent(s)
· career/college counselor(s)
· community-based organization leader(s)
· local trade school or college/university representative(s)
· faith leader(s)
· individuals passionate about youth and the success of your community!

Our Rural LaunchNW Grant Application for Eastern Washington rural communities is now open!

Funding and technical assistance is available to rural communities in the ten Eastern Washington counties served by Innovia Foundation who can successfully demonstrate their readiness for the program.  Grants will provide 2 years of partial funding for a LaunchNW Coordinator position, with this position working to facilitate LaunchNW work and scholarship fundraising in their community. Awarded communities will receive $15,000 yearly for two years, for a total of $30,000 in funding.

*Participation in the Gear Up for LaunchNW Webinar Series is required for all applicants.

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