Imagine the impact of our community coming together to ensure children have opportunities and support to access their post-high school education or career of choice.

This is the bold MISSION of LaunchNW.

Promise Scholarship

The LaunchNW scholarship will fill financial gaps for tuition for students furthest from educational affordability to pursue the post-high school education of their choice, including apprenticeships, technical and associate degrees, credentials and bachelor’s degrees. An endowed scholarship is currently being raised to create this opportunity and ensure long-term sustainability and multi-generational impact. We will update the community with eligibility information and key milestones as we reach them.

Wraparound Supports

LaunchNW believes that for students to achieve their post-high school journey of choice, they need support from birth to job-attainment. By galvanizing local leaders and partnering with our entire community, LaunchNW creates a coordinated infrastructure to ensure that students and families have access to the resources that they need. This work is already underway to increase FAFSA/WASFA completion and access to mentorship, driven by data and designed in partnership with volunteers from every sector of our community.

Rising costs of living. Homelessness. Workforce shortages. Generational poverty.

While we work on short-term solutions for these challenges, we must also invest
in holistic, long-term strategies to create systemic change and address underlying causes.

Research shows post-high school education and workforce training create prosperity powerful enough to boost economies, bolster communities and break cycles of poverty, but they feel out of reach for many of our students and families. We need to change that.

LaunchNW brings the community together to invest in comprehensive solutions that spark lasting community vitality.



LaunchNW creates opportunities for children and families

Post-high school education drives individual prosperity, yet for many families, the cost of education or workforce training after high school feels out of reach. Although support systems exist, they often function as silos and many families don’t know how to access them.

LaunchNW brings together community partners to ensure every child, regardless of their individual circumstances, has access to career training including apprenticeships, technical and associate degrees, credentials, bachelor’s degrees and beyond.

LaunchNW builds prosperous communities

Vibrant communities create equitable opportunities for all, including rural and historically excluded populations.

Communities with programs like LaunchNW have seen increases in post-high school education, a multi-talented workforce, volunteering, community service and voting, and decreases in unemployment, reliance on government assistance and government spending on remedial services.

LaunchNW has garnered investment and support from regional corporate leaders, philanthropists, school districts, higher education, individuals, nonprofits and members of city and county government.

LaunchNW sparks economic growth
in our region

Education and workforce training ensure our region can fill the jobs we need to grow and prosper. Labor market wages and educational attainment of all types are directly related, which in turn mean stronger local economies and even statewide and national growth.

Employers in Eastern Washington and North Idaho want to hire local talent. Investing in post-high school opportunities and workforce training helps students prepare for and access jobs in our region.

Building the talent and potential of young people not only grows our local workforce, but also increases household incomes and job growth, leading to a stronger economy.


We have an incredible opportunity to leverage the unprecedented amount of state and federal pandemic recovery dollars currently available in our region. These implementation dollars are being used to create integrated supports for students and families.

Your contribution to the endowed scholarship fund will provide hope and remove financial barriers for students. Join us and invest in generational change in our community.

Make a life-changing gift today.


Interested in partnering or volunteering?

You can help build a legacy that will promote community well-being for generations to come. Share your contact information to stay informed and get involved.

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These represent just some of the organizations in our region joining us in this journey. This list is ever-growing.