A community-wide effort to support students in reaching their post-high school goals through mentorship.

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Mpower Mentoring Program

We believe in the power of mentors to transform our community.

Mpower is a collaboration between 21 different organizations: local school districts, nonprofit partners, universities and LaunchNW.

The Mpower Mentoring Program connects students at eight Spokane County high schools with mentors supporting the journey to post-high school education.

We need you. Give back by investing in the futures of local students to reach their post-high school goals and beyond.

Why Be A Mentor?

Mentoring creates meaningful connections that positively impact mentees, mentors and entire communities. Research shows that mentors can improve academic, social and economic conditions for mentees, as well as help strengthen local workforce pipelines.

By being a consistent adult in a young person’s life, mentors can offer advice, share life experiences, and help students navigate challenges and prepare for the futures they envision for themselves.

How Mpower Works

The Mpower Mentoring Program connects junior and senior students with a high school peer, college student, adult, or family mentor to offer support along the journey to post-high school education.

Students and families at the following high schools are invited to participate in Mpower:

  • Medical Lake High School
  • East Valley High School
  • Riverside High School
  • North Central High School
  • Shadle Park High School
  • University High School
  • Liberty High School
  • Lakeside High School

Mentors can support students in researching careers, applying for college, locating scholarships and other financial aid opportunities. Our network of community partners can connect students to job shadows, local professionals, career coaching and much more.

Four Types of Mentorship

We believe that a variety of different mentoring relationships offer unique benefits. Both students and their parents will have access to trusted guidance from their peers, local college students, adults and mentors focused on supporting the entire family.

Coordination of Wraparound Services

We will coordinate with community resources to remove barriers like food insecurity, transportation, inadequate housing and more. This holistic approach acknowledges that basic human needs must be met before someone can focus on post-high school planning.

Support through the Post-High School Transition

Mpower Mentors expand support to navigate the process every step of the way to post-high school education. Mentors will help students align their academic choices to their post-high school goals, including connecting them to resources on financial aid like FAFSA or WASFA, exploring career paths, finding scholarships and applying to education programs.

Commitment to Inclusivity

We are committed to increasing the number of mentors representing marginalized communities so more students can see themselves represented in the mentors in their life. Mpower is commited to supporting students underrepresented in post-high school education programs, expanding supports and increasing students’ sense of belonging.

How to Become a Mentor

Fill out the Mpower Mentor Application

(3 mins)

Complete mentor training and onboarding process

(2–4 hours)

Begin monthly meetings with your mentee!

(minimum 1–2 hours a month)

Any questions about Mpower?

Contact our team today! We are here to answer any questions and connect you to our partners.

Our Partnership

LaunchNW serves as the convener of these incredible community organizations, all coming together with a shared mission.

“Imagine being a child experiencing homelessness, sleeping in a car, or a shelter and moving from place to place. Now add going to school and the thought of graduating and going on to college or trade school. The difference between trying to survive today and focus on the future is dramatic. Having student mentoring combined with housing support will be a game changer. It will literally change the future for generations.”

Joe Ader, Family Promise of Spokane

With gratitude to the Washington Student Achievement Council for their investment in our community.